Chaos on the High Street: As Old Town works finally near completion, new restrictions introduced

Old Town roadworks
Old Town roadworks

Yet more traffic restrictions are about to be introduced in Hemel Hempstead’s Old Town High Street - even as improvement works to the road near completion.

The work is due to be finished by Wednesday, May 14.

But a new ‘restriction zone’ will stretch down the road between Queensway and Cherry Bounce from Tuesday, banning motorists from waiting and loading except in marked bays.

There will be bays for taxis, vehicle loading, and short-stay and disabled on-street parking. They will be indicated by contrasting road surfaces and traffic signs with the aim of keeping street clutter down and preserving the conservation design of the area.

The short-stay bays will offer up to an hour of parking, and no return within two hours, between 8am and 6pm from Monday to Saturday.

The loading bays will operate during the same times - except for one outside of the Old Town Hall, which goes on until 11pm.

Also - the parking bay outside of the Old Town Hall will become a taxi bay from 6pm.

The area’s loading bay will be reserved for taxis from 11pm.

Four disabled badge holders’ parking bays are located in St Mary’s Close Car Park.

There is a designated 24-hour bus bay in the High Street to encourage bus services to return to the High Street.

The road will continue to be one-way from Queensway, which the aim of easing traffic congestion so more walkers visit the Old Town on the new wider pavements.

More on-street parking and encouraging future buses to the area are are also aimed at encouraging shoppers into the area.

There is also a provision to prevent vehicles accessing the street during events, with advance notice, in order to make best use of the street’s new public events area.

You can see the new traffic plans in more detail by clicking here