Child’s ‘pride and joy’ toy Ferrari stolen as he lay in hospital

Matthew Shayler, eight, with his toy Ferrari which was stolen from his front garden
Matthew Shayler, eight, with his toy Ferrari which was stolen from his front garden

An eight-year-old boy who had to undergo emergency surgery was ‘devastated’ to learn his prized toy Ferrari was stolen while he was in hospital.

Chaulden Junior School pupil Matthew Shayler had been playing in the red replica vehicle with friends when he suddenly became unwell, and mum Elle, 38, rushed him to hospital.

Poorly Matthew had an operation to remove his appendix – a procedure which has left him in some pain and unable to attend school for a week.

Elle, who lives in Beechfield Road, Boxmoor, with Matthew and daughter Chloe, 14, says the plastic car is usually kept in the back garden but was left in the front garden during the panic.

By the time the family had returned less than two days later, the Ferrari – which was worth around £300 and had been bought by Matthew’s grandmother as a Christmas present from her bingo winnings – was gone.

Elle said: “What right has anyone got to take something that isn’t theirs? It is upsetting to think that someone could actually do that.

“Matthew was feeling rather sore and sorry for himself and he is now devastated, and so am I.

“He played in the car all the time – it was his pride and joy.

“If anyone sees it I would ask them to report it so that we have a chance of getting it back, he would be delighted to see it again.”

Herts Police confirmed that the toy had been stolen at some point between 9am on Monday, June 16 and 4pm the next day.

Anyone who has seen the plastic car, knows of its whereabouts or has been approached to buy it is urged to call investigating Neighbourhood Team Sgt Matt Debeney on the non-emergency number 101.