‘Chip shop attacker who threw vinegar bottle’ bailed for a fourth time

Boss of Wilsons Fish & Chips in Tring Shaban Azam
Boss of Wilsons Fish & Chips in Tring Shaban Azam

A 31-year-old man accused of attacking a chip shop manager with a vinegar bottle has been bailed for a fourth time.

He had to go to Watford Police Station on Monday, but was again released and told to return there on Wednesday, December 3.

Previously the Enfield man was ordered to go there on Monday, September 29, and Tuesday, October 7.

Herts Police spokesman Giles Cooper said: “We still need to gather a bit more evidence before we decide whether to charge him.

“This is a decision that will be made between our officers and the CPS.”

The alleged attack happened at Tring’s Wilsons Fish & Chips on Wednesday, September 3, and left manager Shaban Azam afraid to work.

He had to spend 13 hours in Aylesbury’s Stoke Mandeville Hospital being treated for his injuries.

Mr Azam, who was with his colleague Omar Fathe on the day he was injured, said: “I feel very bad. We are scared to work here.”

Mr Azam said the attack – part of which allegedly involved a plastic vinegar bottle being thrown at him – damaged an artery in his head and cut his face.