Chopper is chopped as police trim air cover

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Cutbacks to save cash will see one of the emergency police choppers axed at the end of this month.

Herts Constabulary currently has access to two helicopters but from Monday just one will be on offer, saving the force £125,000 each year.

Under existing arrangements the constabulary operates two aircrafts, which are managed through The Chilterns Air Support Unit in a consortium with Thames Valley, Beds and Herts. One aircraft is based at Oxon’s RAF Benson and the other at RAF Henlow in Beds.

Shift patterns mean two aircrafts are available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings but only one aircraft during the remaining evenings.

From October 1, Herts along with all other south east police forces will join the National Police Air Service, sharing one aircraft.

It will be on offer 24 hours a day and support will be provided on a nearest asset attends basis. Air support will reach Herts within 15 minutes.