Chris found a new career in a year after redundancy

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A man who was made redundant after being in the same job for 18 years has said that he never would have imagined he could be retrained and be running his own business within a year.

Chris Barnes from Aston Clinton launched his company Barnes Systems Ltd this year after doing a careers skills course to train as an electrician.

The 43-year-old was working as a store manager for a hi fi store when it went into administration last October after 60 years in business.

Other retail jobs were scarce on the ground so Mr Barnes went to New Career Skills because it specialises in retraining mature career changers for jobs as plumbers, electricians and in the renewables and microgeneration industries.

He said: “My wife is very proud of me and the fact that I got up and did something.

“I’ve never been in that position before, of not having a job.

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