Closure? It’s just a rumour that’s got out of control

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A warehouse worker for Hemel Hempstead’s Wickes Distribution has dismissed claims that the base will close as ‘simply rumours’.

David Hardy got in touch after reading an article last week in the HeraldExpress’s sister paper The Gazette.

It revealed that some workers are worried for their jobs because they believe that the lease on the Swallowdale Lane centre will not be renewed in November.

David said: “The rumours have been flying around since before Christmas. Half the people have been saying it is definitely going but nothing has been said by management that it is going.

“There are a lot of people in here saying that it’s going but they don’t know, it’s a rumour that has got out of control.”

A spokesman for Wickes refused to be pressed on the matter saying: “We’re communicating with our employees directly.”