Come and try our award-winning oil, says sixth generation Wilstone farming family

Chris Mead, left, and Simon Mead of Meads Farm, Wilstone, with their award-winning rapeseed oil PNL-140104-181123001
Chris Mead, left, and Simon Mead of Meads Farm, Wilstone, with their award-winning rapeseed oil PNL-140104-181123001

Chris and I are sixth generation farmers and farm at Wilstone Great Farm on the outskirts of Tring and we began producing Chiltern cold pressed rapeseed oil more than five years ago, writes Simon Mead.

A member of the cabbage family, this very versatile oil starts its life when it’s planted at the end of August.

Pigeons find the seeds very tasty during the winter months but once the warm weather comes along in the spring, the plant grows rapidly and reaches three to four feet in as many weeks.

By the time you read this, some of the fields of oilseed rape will already be starting to flower.

The bright yellow flowers produce pods full of small black seeds and by late July/early August the following year they are ready to be harvested. The seeds are dried if needed and stored in a grain silo until they are pressed.

Pressing is carried out all year round and is done by passing the seed – which contains around 45 per cent oil – through a press where the seed is squeezed to release the oil.

As we cold press the seed and do not use chemicals to extract the oil, it retains all its natural goodness.

Chiltern Cold Pressed rapeseed oil has ten times more omega three and half the saturated fats than that of olive oil and is much more suited for high temperature cooking. It produces the most wonderful roast potatoes!

We have won four Great Taste awards for our oils, including the plain rapeseed oil, the oak smoked rapeseed oil, the lemongrass, ginger and chilli-infused stir fry oil and our honey and mustard salad dressing. We are also launching our own BBQ sauce and marinade ready for the summer, so pop down to see us and try it out.

Tring Farmers’ Market is a great place for farmers and like-minded people to sell their produce direct to the public.

It’s also a chance for the public to meet and talk to farmers about their produce or what might be happening down on the farm.

There may be a misconception that you have to pay a little more at farmers’ markets. This is so untrue and we’d like to invite you along to see for yourselves.

On mentioning this article, you will be entitled to a free 250ml bottle of plain rapeseed oil when you buy three or more bottles of our infused oils.

If there is anything else you would like to know about our oil, please use the enquiries form on our website here.

Tring Farmers’ Market is held twice a month on each alternate Saturday between 9am and 12.15pm in the marketplace in Brook Street.

Stallholders will be on Saturday, April 12. For more information, visit the website here.