Commissioner welcomes changes to tackle reoffending

David Lloyd on the beat
David Lloyd on the beat

Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd has welcomed changes to the law which aim to see more offenders supervised after being released from prison.

The new rules mean that prisoners sentenced to less than a year behind bars will be managed on their release by the recently-created Community Rehabilitation Company,

The changes aim to reduce the reoffending rates for a group of criminals who were not previously supervised when let out.

Commissioner Lloyd said: “This excellent piece of legislation at last ensures that offenders are better supervised, managed and supported when they are released from prison.

“This will reduce reoffending and bring crime down even further and is to be welcomed and applauded.

“It has been incredibly frustrating to see so little done in the past and seeing the same people carry on committing crimes, with prison sentences only giving a short-term respite to communities from their offending.”

He added: “Alongside changes to probation services across the country, we are now in a much better position for prison to be not just a deterrent, or short-sharp-shock punishment, but a real way to reduce crime in the long term and create even safer communities.”

Mike Penning, MP for Hemel Hempstead and minister of state for policing, criminal justice and victims announced the commencement order, which began on February 1 in a letter to Police and Crime Commissioners.

He said: “This marks another significant step in implementing the reforms which will reduce the stubbornly high rate of reoffending which has been far too high for far too long.”