Community: Forests Friday is coming your way

It’s FSC Friday at the end of the month and as it’s the International Year of Forests, the Forest Stewardship Council is hoping that more people than ever will join this global celebration of the world’s forests.

FSC Friday – which this year falls on Friday, September 30 – is celebrated annually around the world at the end of September and the aim is to raise awareness of the importance of responsible forestry and highlight the meaning of the FSC “tick tree” logo.

Deputy director Rosie Teasdale said: “We are asking you to consider where the wood and paper in your shopping basket comes from.

“The world’s forests are still being destroyed at an alarming rate and the products of this deforestation can be found in shops throughout the UK.

“FSC believes that this is unacceptable and works to ensure that people can buy forest products with the confidence that they are helping to safeguard forests, not destroy them.

“Please look out for the FSC logo when you are shopping on FSC Friday and every day.

“By choosing FSC products, you are supporting the responsible management of the world’s forests to ensure that they exist for our children, for biodiversity and for the communities which depend on them. You really can make a difference to the world’s forests just by taking the time to check for the FSC logo.

“Schools, community groups and businesses across the UK and, indeed, globally will be taking part in FSC Friday events. For more information on FSC Friday please visit”