Controversial Tring land going up for homes consultation

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LAND at the centre of a planning dispute will be considered as a site for residential development under Dacorum Borough Council’s consultation to find areas to build new homes.

Waterside Way Sustainable Planning Ltd, which owns a field just off of Icknield Way in Tring, is putting the site forward as part of the council’s core strategy consultation that is exploring areas for potential residential development.

Paul Newton from Dacorum Borough Council stressed that the council would not allow building on land that lies in the Green Belt.

He said: “I understand that the developer will be putting the site forward and it will be considered during the process later in the year. “The council has to consider all options put forward during the consultation.

“From our side of things it’s a Green Belt site where residential development wouldn’t be supported but we can’t say whether it will be put forward for residential development when we need to find more sites in the future.”

In March Waterside Way Sustainable Planning was given permission to a post and wire fence around the field.

The company had to apply for it because the council had put restrictions in place to prevent them from building on it after neighbours became concerned the developer was going to build homes there.

The company has advertised and sold plots of the land telling its buyers that they could make pots of cash if the land was developed.