Could you be a host family?

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Spanish students are looking for Dacorum families to put them up during a four-week long trip to England.

It is hoped that householders in Hemel Hempstead and surrounding areas will welcome 30 keen students and teachers from the Canary Islands into their homes during June and July.

Travelling under the popular Children In Britain programme organised by the Canary Islands the students, aged between 13 and 16, will be visiting the area to put their spoken English into practice and improve their language skills.

The programme has been bringing students from the Canaries to the Herts area for more than 35 years.

Elizabeth Williams, owner of the Herts and Essex English School, which organises the English side of the stay, said: “For local families who are interested in Spanish culture, or planning a holiday in Spain or the Canary Islands, this is an ideal opportunity to find out about Spanish life.

“Children of host families will also often develop an interest in foreign languages, through trying to communicate with their young Spanish guests, and so this is a great way to give English children the chance to share a rewarding experience.”

The visiting students have a full weekday programme so will be out all day. They have English lessons each morning and afternoons are filled with activities and trips out but evenings and weekends will be spent with their host families.

Elizabeth said: “We have a long list of Canarian students who would love to spend a month in England.

“We have some wonderful host families in the area, but we desperately need more to enable as many students as possible to make the trip.”

To find out more call freephone 0800 500 3077.