Council will not stand in the way of mega dairy

A10 WEEK 15'MCBH'rd' ARLA demo on Buckland bridge
A10 WEEK 15'MCBH'rd' ARLA demo on Buckland bridge

A TOWN council has decided not to oppose controversial plans for a mega dairy.

Tring Town councillors said they had no objection to Arla’s proposal for the dairy – providing the figures they have are correct.

Speaking at a meeting on Monday night, councillor Nick Hollinghurst said figures he had would only increase A41 by nine lorries an hour – between 1.5 and two per cent.

“Unless I learn any different at the Herts County Council meeting, I do not think there will be a serious problem with the roads.”

Councillor Stephen Hearn said: “It is very difficult for dairy farms.

“Every encouragement should be given if planning permission is given by Aylesbury Vale [District Council].”

Councillor Harvey Allison said a group of people in West Tring were concerned about more lorries using the roundabout between Icknield Way and Tring Hill.

Mr Hollinghurst said: “They won’t touch the roundabout because they are restricted to the A41 towards the M25.”

The proposals on the 70-acre site have been met by fierce opposition in nearby Aston Clinton.