Couple BANNED from keeping pets for five years after leaving puppy to suffer

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A couple from Hemel Hempstead have been banned from keeping animals for five years after they failed to take a 10-week-old puppy they bought from the back of a van to a vet.

Jason Wright, 24, and Samantha Crosbie, 20, both of Nightingale Walk, Hemel, left Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy, Rocky, to suffer for several weeks without treatment before getting the help he desperately needed.

Both defendants pleaded guilty to failing to investigate cause of his underweight condition and ill health, failure to provide the puppy with vet care for an eye condition and skin wounds and failing to provide him with comfortable bedding whilst he was in poor health.

During the sentencing at Watford Magistrates Court last week, Wright, a mechanic, was also given a 16 week curfew order, 150 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £520 in costs.

Crosbie, a cashier, was handed a six-month curfew order and ordered to pay £520 in costs.

RSPCA inspector Sara Hughes said: “The puppy was so very ill when I arrived, it was clear to anyone that he was dying and was in desperate need of help. It was truly the saddest sight I have ever seen. It was the worst condition I have seen a puppy in. The poor little animal died the day after we took him to a vet.

“I fail to see how any reasonable person could have waited so long to seek help.

“The puppy was failed so very badly by the people who seemed to believe they had done all they could, when realistically all they had done was put him in a cage for two weeks and give him food and water.”

She added: “When people take on a pet they not only take on the responsibility of looking after it they also take on the financial responsibility. Not having any money is not an excuse to not get pets the veterinary help they need.”