Crash unearths new roundabout appeal

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RENEWED calls have been made for a mini roundabout following a car smash at a staggered cross roads.

A red Nissan Micra and a black Honda Jazz were undriveable following the crash where Station Road meets Cow Lane in Tring last Tuesday night.

Samantha Honor, who lives near Tring Railway Station, and uses the road regularly, saw the aftermath.

“You could just see the damage. It looked pretty bad,” she said.

“I hate driving there because it is the most dangerous junction. That is the perfect junction for a mini roundabout. It would slow cars down as they come into Tring as well.”

Noone was injured in the incident just after 5pm.

Tring Town Councillor Nick Hollinghurst said: “We should revisit the situation in light of this recent crash.

“We had a local consultation plan produced by the county council about seven or eight years ago. A call for a roundabout at that junction was one of the most popular requests.”

He said it did not go ahead because of technical problems, including drainage and the removals of trees.

“A mini roundabout rather than a full-scale roundabout should be possible.” he said.

Herts Highways spokesman Jo Brown said: “We have carried out extensive work in this area in the past but we do appreciate that some residents may still have concerns.”

Report concerns on 0300 123 4047.