Crash victim cyclist’s brother tells of his fears

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The brother of a cyclist who was carried off on a spinal board after a road collision on Tuesday evening has spoken of his fear after being told about the road smash.

Ajward Kaleel, 35, who is area manager for the KFC fast food chain, was phoned about the Queensway collision next to Hemel Hempstead Fire Station just before 7pm.

His brother - Mirash Moharoof, 28, from Highfield - had just finished work on the tills at the nearby Marlowes branch and was cycling home.Eyewitnesses said Mirash’s bicycle had been in collision with a red Seat car.

Speaking from the scene of the smash, Ajward said: “He has neck and leg injuries and cannot move.

“I was able to talk to him, but he could not talk too much. He just told me that he had hit a car.

“I am going to go to hospital with him - right now I am very worried and scared.”