Crime commissioner appoints new chief financial officer after conflict of interest concerns

Herts police and crime commissioner David Lloyd on the beat
Herts police and crime commissioner David Lloyd on the beat

A new chief financial officer has been appointed by police and crime commissioner David Lloyd at a cost of £19,500 for the one-day a week role.

Head of accountancy services at Herts County Council John Franklin will take on the post on secondment from his current job, and while he will receive the same annual salary of £66,000, one fifth of this plus ‘on costs’ will be provided from David Lloyd’s office.

This means the commissioner will refund £19,500 for the pro-rata cost of his salary to the council.

The chief financial officer role features responsibility for the commissioner’s domestic budgets, oversight of the treasury management function and the strategic decisions, such as setting the budget, and a close working relationship with the police force.

The job was previously held by Herts Police’s director of resources James Hurley before he transferred fully to the constabulary, following concerns from the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy that it was not appropriate for the position to be shared with the force.

In a letter sent to the Police and Crime Panel, who approved Mr Franklin’s appointment at their latest meeting, Mr Lloyd said: “I have consulted with the chief executive of the county council and confirm that a seconded arrangement equivalent to one day of Mr Franklin’s time per week is acceptable to all parties.

“This secondment arrangement has been established for a period of 12 months with a review at the six-month period, by which time my plans for the permanent leadership team structure will have been presented to the panel.”