Crime figures are among the lowest in the county

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Despite a spate of burglaries, Tring can still boast one of the lowest crime rates in the county.

The town’s quarterly crime figures show a 20 per cent reduction in all crimes compared to last year and a 20 per cent cut in anti-social behaviour in all of the town’s neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood inspector George Holland said “If anyone else in the UK was living in areas that had crime numbers as low as they are in Tring and Berkhamsted they would be jumping for joy.

“These towns have some of the lowest crime levels in the county. The chance of being burgled is really very low.”

Officers recently nabbed some individuals responsible for five burglaries of people’s homes in Tring east.

Mr Holland: “Those people were arrested and charged about six weeks ago.

“We had to identify who it was and since then the number of burglaries has gone down.”

The quarterly figures for crime in Tring show that burglaries, with an increase of five, and violent crime, which is up by 12 incidents, are the most common types of crime in the town.

Mr Holland said: “The performance for the whole of Dacorum is the best it has ever been.”

He explained that Operation Guardian, which started this month, sees partnership agencies working together to reduce crime.

Herts Fire and Rescue service has been asked to drive through crime hotspots while out and about.

The idea is that the presence of a fire engine would deter criminals thinking about breaking the law.

Mr Holland added: “It’s important for anyone who sees anything suspicious to call the police and also make sure their windows and doors are locked.”