‘Crime is up since street lights were switched off’

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A NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch co-ordinator insists that crime has risen since street lights have been turned off – despite a police report stating the opposite.

Brian Smith, of Hasedines Road, Hemel Hempstead, who sends crime information to neighbours via a police email messaging service called OWL, said theft has gone up.

Mr Smith, 70, highlighted three thefts of catalytic converters from cars in his road, Polehanger Lane and also Briery Way on Sunday, March 11.

“That was since the street lights went out,” he said. “The lights are security and I appreciate they have to save money, but when you read a news item that says crime is not up, it is not true.

“People should be more aware that these people fond of metal theft are having a beanfeast here.”

Last week, Herts County Council received a report that concluded that since it turned off 80 per cent of street lights across the county between midnight and 6am, crime levels have not been affected.

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