Bus lane camera captures 3,000 in just two days

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A STAGGERING 3,000 motorists were nabbed driving along Moor End Road in Hemel Hempstead over the first weekend of a new enforcement regime.

A potential £180,000 in fines has been collected in just two days despite months of warnings and enormous signs telling drivers not to use the road.

Moor End Road has been technically restricted to buses and taxis since the Riverside development took place and cars are only supposed to use it to access the car park there.

But many drivers use the road to bypass queues on Leighton Buzzard Road.

Highways chiefs decided to start enforcing the restriction from August 8 because so many cars were using it buses were being delayed, forcing controversial route changes in the borough.

Stuart Pile, cabinet chief for highways and transport at Herts County Council, said: “This is very disappointing as we have put up clear signs in the area announcing the traffic restriction and had widespread coverage in the local media.

“However, it does show the extent of the problem and the impact this has inevitably had on buses and the surrounding transport network.

“Offenders will receive a penalty charge of £60, which will be halved if they pay within two weeks of receiving the penalty notice.”