‘Children threw poo into gardens’

NEIGHBOURS were angered by children messing around with dog bins and hurling bags of excrement into gardens, according to a councillor.

Wigginton parish councillor Claire Phillips said youngsters had been raiding the bins at playing fields off Chesham Road in the village.

Speaking at a council meeting last Tuesday, she said: “There have been children up to mischief with the dog bins. They are getting the bags out of there and throwing dog mess over into the gardens.

“The people having it thrown at them didn’t know what it was and thought it was children throwing mud. By the time they got round there, they had run away.”

Mrs Phillips suggested that Dacorum Borough Council replaces the bins with ones that are less accessible to children.

Dog warden Sarah Lewis said: “There are regular maintenance checks of dog waste bins and when they are in need of replacement this is certainly something we can look at.

“However, I will be asking our anti-social behaviour team to contact Wigginton Parish Council in case there is any help they can offer.”