Husband who knifed wife is jailed for life

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An estranged husband who stabbed his wife to death in her bedroom has been jailed for life.

Mirosla Wosik, 42, was sentence to a minimum of 18 years in jail after being convicted of killing Bernadeta Jakubszyk at St Albans Crown Court yesterday.

Bernadeta, 30, died at her home in The Wye, Hemel Hempstead in the early hours of May 28 last year.

The couple’s two daughters, aged eight and six, were asleep in the house at the time.

The jury heard how Wosik’s son Daniel ran up the stairs to find his stepmother dead on her bed and his father sitting beside her.

The killing happened after Wosik had travelled south from his home in Scotland to visit his family. He had moved out of the family home weeks earlier when their marriage hit difficulties.

The jury heard that Bernadeta died from two deep stab wounds which had punctured her right lung.

She bore cuts to her hands and forearms indicating she had put up a fight to try and ward off the blows and she had been stabbed once in the head.

The knife used was found under the couple’s bed.

Wosik’s lawyer said that he could not recall what happened that night. “His brain won’t allow him to remember,” he said.

Wosik and Bernadeta, who were both Polish, moved to England in search of a “good life” and set up home in Hemel Hempstead.