Jail for man who hid drugs in his pants

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A MAN tried to smuggle cannabis into Bovingdon’s Mount Prison by masking its smell with coffee.

Ashley Dumbrill placed 20 cannabis seeds in a bag, along with the coffee, which he hid in his boxer shorts, St Albans Crown Court heard on Friday.

But when he entered the jail, on April 3, 2011, a sniffer dog immediately picked him out.

When the police arrived the 20-year-old was asked if he was carrying any drugs and he replied: “Yeah in my boxers”.

He was strip-searched and a package fell to the ground. It contained 20 grams of cannabis and the coffee.

Dumbrill, of Adam Road, Chingford, London, admitted conveying cannabis. He had one previous conviction for robbery in February 2008 when he was a youth and had received a referral order.

He had agreed to take the cannabis into the jail to pay off a drug debt, the court heard.

Stuart Mizner. defending, said Dumbrill was “jobless and directionless and needs to deal with an addiction to cannabis”.

He asked the judge to pass a suspended sentence.

But Judge Stephen Warner told Dumbrill: “People who take drugs into prison can expect to lose their liberty.

“This is a serious offence. There is a need to deter other people.”

He jailed him for six months.