Lie detectors for sex suspects

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LIE detector tests have been brought in under a trial with the county’s police force for use on suspected sex offenders.

A trial involving 25 ‘low level’ suspected sex offenders took place recently in a bid to speed up investigations.

Specialist officers from the Herts Police’s Paedophile Unit have been working with an expert who conducts the test on first time suspected offenders who have volunteered to co-operate with the police.

It is hoped that the polygraph detectors could be used to speed up the risk assessment process.

A futher 12-month trial is expected to start in April although evidence gathered through the test cannot be used in court.

Det Chief Insp Glen Channer of Herts Police said: “The Polygraph Testing provides us with an additional tool and has cut down investigative time significantly leading to a more efficient process, often helping to identify additional offences.

“The integrity of the process is paramount and we are working with a highly credible expert in the field on this trial, Professor Grubin from Newcastle University.”