New police number is actually a lot cheaper

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PEOPLE doing their duty by calling the police non-emergency number 101 will save money as the new rate is up to 15 times cheaper than the old 0845 number.

Hertfordshire police has revealed that the old number, which is currently being phased out, can cost up to £2.50 per minute on a mobile phone.

Although there are alternative options such as the police landline number and Crimestoppers, some people were being hit in the purse when they phoned up to help police with their enquiries.

The new 101 number, which was rolled out earlier in the year, will cost the caller a 15p flat rate for the duration of the call, regardless of its length.

An increasing number of people have been using the new number.

From November 21 to 27 this year 3,331 calls of 9,337 non emergency calls to the police in Hertfordshire were made from the 101 number.

A police spokesman said that news in national papers claiming that the police were profiting from the charge was untrue and that all of the money made went to the service provider.

The 101 number was introduced for people to reach their local non-emergency service wherever they are, on the same number.