Party safely and avoid trouble this New Year

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AS revellers count down to the biggest party of the year, the long arm of the law is urging people to drink sensibly.

The county’s Community Safety Unit – made up of Herts Constabulary, Herts County Council and Herts Fire and Rescue Service – is asking party-goers to know their limits.

As part of the unit’s Don’t Let A Night Full Of Promise Turn Into A Morning Full Of Regret campaign, people are being advised not to drink to excess and to plan how they are going to get home before they venture out.

The initiative aims to drive down the numbers of sexual assault and rape.

During New Year’s Eve, police officers will be out in town centres across the county, reminding people to get home safely and to ensure everyone can enjoy a safe and great night out.

Det Chief Insp Glen Channer said: “We want you to enjoy the celebration but to do so safely. Please don’t let alcohol put you at risk. Don’t drink so excessively that you’re no longer in control of your actions, leaving yourself vulnerable.”

Revellers are also being reminded of the potentially life-changing consequences of consuming too much alcohol, such as spending the night in the cells because of a drunken fight, getting a criminal record for smashing a shop window or causing serious injury to yourself or someone else.

Mr Channer said: “We don’t want to spoil people’s fun but we won’t tolerate behaviour that puts other people’s safety at risk.

“Don’t let one drunken night change the rest of your life.”

The following advice has been issued:

> Alternate alcoholic drinks with soft or low alcohol ones

> Drink more slowly

> Always plan how you are going to get home before you go out

> Never get into a stranger’s car or into a car where the driver has been drinking

> Always stick with your friends