PCSOs given parking power

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PARKING powers are being handed back to some police officers to help them tackle mischievous drivers.

Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in Dacorum have been granted new parking powers alongside their colleagues across the county.

Some officers have already been given specific training and the current plan is to have all PCSOs trained to use their new powers by October.

According to officials the introduction of powers to aid PCSOs in dealing with vehicle obstructions and other parking offences will allow them to take more affirmative action in the community and issue fines.

Just over 20 years ago parking enforcement powers were handed over to local authorities.

Liberal Democrat county councillor Ron Tindall is the police authority’s lead member for Dacorum.

He said: “The move is not intended to take the place of traffic wardens.

“Sometimes we have residents who are upset about parking issues and these powers can be used as a last resort to help provide a proportionate response to any antisocial people who think they can park anywhere they like

“I personally would not like to see them ticket everyone in sight. Instead it is another tool in their armoury.”