Police join forces to run firearms unit

TWO police forces will merge their firearms licensing units to save money.

Under the cost-cutting plans Herts and Beds Police will collaborate from March, saving £173,000 in the first year, which will increase to almost £200,000 in subsequent years.

The two forces have already worked together to merge units including its dog, scientific services and major crime departments.

Chairman of Herts Police Authority Stuart Nagler said: “Collaboration is bringing huge benefits at this challenging time. It will help us meet the £36million funding gap in Hertfordshire over the next four years and limit the impact of the budget cuts on front-line policing for both our organisations.”

Both forces are also in the process of establishing a Strategic Policing Alliance with Cambridgeshire, which will enable them to maintain ‘efficient’ service in the face of unprecedented financial challenges.

Under money-saving plans Herts Police has already given the go ahead to close six of its police sites in London Colney, Baldock, Bushey, Potters Bar and two in Watford.

Berkhamsted Police Station is also on a list of proposed future closures, which would save almost £60,000 each year. Officers would move into council offices in the town however, a final decision has not been made.