Police spread ‘log on but look out’ lessons

Police in Herts have been backing a nationwide drive to make people more aware of the risks they face online.

Internet Safety Week began on Monday, aiming to pass on tips about how people can protect themselves while they are surfing the web.

Internet safety

Internet safety

Last month the government launched a new cyber awareness campaign, urging individuals and small businesses to take simple steps to improve their online security.

Neighbourhood safety teams across the county have been using Twitter and other channels to spread the word.

And the warnings are not just about online scammers and cyber fraud.

There have also been tips for parents, raising awareness of the www.thinkuknow.co.uk website which holds a wealth of useful information.

And a key message of the week is for people to think twice before they text, or post any other sort of message online – by placing an offensive message on social networking site you could end up with a criminal record.

Insp Paul Lawrence from the crime reduction unit at county police HQ said: “The internet is at the heart of most people’s lives and although it is wonderful to have such technology so readily available to people there are also risks that come with it.

“Online bullying and fraud are very real threats, and users could become victims of stalking, harassment, racist comments or hate crime.

“By supporting this week of activity we are hoping to raise awareness of the different types of crimes that can happen online and how users can help to protect themselves.

“We also need to remember that tackling cyber crime is not just about what police and law enforcement can do

“We all have a role to play and individually we can all do something to protect ourselves online.”