Police urge Tring shops: Call us when the yobs strike

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A PCSO is appealing for shop owners to report crimes against them as a string of distraction thefts and vandalism has hit the High Street.

Lorraine Batson was doing the rounds in Tring on Friday warning business owners about a number of thefts carried out by gangs.

She said: “People need to report what is going on, more than often when I talk to one business owner about a crime another person will tell me about an incident that they didn’t bother to report.

“It is important that they do because the more information we have the more likely it is we can catch the criminals.

In the past two weeks shoppers and store owners have fallen victim to crime.

On Friday someone tried to use a fake £20 in Pam’s sandwich shop.

purse was stolen from an elderly woman’s handbag in Save The Children on Saturday, November 17 and a shop window was smashed at Gorgeous Lingerie on Sunday, November 11.

Owner Danielle Dawson said: “They didn’t take anything after breaking the window but I’ve had groups of people trying to steal from the shop lots of times.

“Some of them try to distract me with a card that declines while the others in the group steal things from the rails.”