Red tape eats up 73% of Moor End Road fines

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HIGHWAYS chiefs have admitted they are pocketing just £8 from every fine sent out to the thousands nabbed driving along Moor End Road.

An incredible £22 of each £60 penalty charge notice – which drops to £30 if paid within 14 days – goes to an external company to cover its administration costs.

The high cost of running the camera means that while more than 10,000 tickets have been issued, Herts County Council has so far only netted around £40,000.

Councillor Stuart Pile, cabinet highways chief at the county council, said he did not expect to ever recoup the £150,000 set-up costs of the scheme.

“We will never get that back,” he said.

“The numbers are dropping remarkably.”

Mr Pile said the admin costs were so high because data protection rules meant the council was not allowed to know the identity of errant drivers.

He said pressure from the bus companies had prompted the council to start enforcing the bus lane, which has been restricted to buses and taxis since 2006.

So far 750 appeals have been lodged but none have been settled yet and there has been a complex legal challenge from speed camera campaign group NoToMOB, who mounted a protest in Moor End Road.

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