Seized goods flogged on new Ebay website

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A NEW online auction site has been set up by the police to help sell goods seized from criminals.

The new Hertfordshire Police Ebay site is selling high-value goods taken from crooks under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA).

Police financial investigation manager Simon Hill said: “Ebay is another powerful tool to help us sell seized items and so make sure crime does not pay for criminals.

“Criminals will often buy expensive items with the money they have made from drugs, burglary or similar.

“But, if we can seize these high value items and sell them on, we can still hit them in the pocket.

“We have seen some success already on Ebay, with 15 items sold since we joined Ebay in October and we hope to steadily increase the numbers of goods we are adding on there in the coming months.”

The Herts force is the third in the country to set up an Ebay site following the footsteps of Cheshire and Leicestershire.

Items already sold on the Ebay site include gold clubs, designer clothes and jewellery.

In the future the police hopes to list items such as Rolex watches, Xbox computer games consoles and flat-screen TVs.

Money made from the sale of items will go towards compensation for victims of crime and helping to fund crime-fighting initiatives.

It is not the first idea of its kind, however, as the police has already been using its own version of Ebay, known as Bumblebee Auctions, to sell confiscated items.

To visit the Herts Police Ebay shop, go to