Tring shop shut after a crime spate

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A SHOPKEEPER has closed one of his newsagents and put it up for rent because his wife is too scared to run it on her own following a succession of break-ins and anti-social behaviour.

Hamal Patel put Western Road News in Tring on the market after a mob went in an caused trouble.

He said: “Some of them went round the back and found there way into our flat where my baby daughter was and that frightened my wife. We called the police but it wasn’t taken further because nothing was stolen.”

The incident on February 8 this year was the last straw in a spate of crimes that had affected Mr Patel’s businesses.

The shop was broken into on January 25 and his third newsagents in Berkhamsted was broken into the following day.

Another business broken into during the same period was The Road Room bike shop around the corner on Miswell Lane.

About £17,000 worth of bikes were stolen on Wednesday, February 3.

Mr Patel said: “My wife wasn’t afraid when the shops were broken into but when 10 to 15 people came in and some got in through the back of the shop she was concerned for the safety of our child.

“When we moved to Tring five years ago I accidentally left the key in the front door of the shop and someone came by and handed it in.

“That’s how safe it was but now it has changed and my wife doesn’t want to serve in the shop on her own after 7pm.”

The store on Western Road has been closed since the last incident happened.

Mr Patel moved the stock to his high street shop and put Western Road News up for rent three weeks ago.