‘You could have killed someone or even yourself’ Judge tells teen who deliberately drove at car

Court news
Court news

A teenager who deliberately drove his car into another vehicle because he suspected the occupants of a brick attack on his mum’s home has narrowly escaped going to prison.

At St Albans Crown Court, John Broux, 19, of Hemel Hempstead, was told by a judge his actions could have killed someone or even himself.

Broux pleaded guilty to an offence of dangerous driving on October 5 last year in Washington Avenue, Hemel Hempstead.

Robert Sullivan, prosecuting, told the court how on that day windows had been smashed at his mother’s home in Hemel.

Bricks had been thrown through windows, but she had been out at the time.

The court heard Broux discovered the damage and was driving to tell his mother what had happened when he spotted the car he thought contained the culprits.

Judge Stephen Gullick, hearing the case, was told that Broux then deliberately drove his Fiesta at speed into the oncoming Vaxhall Corsa.

There then followed a short fight as the occupants of both vehicles spilled out into the road.

The court heard Broux’s DNA was discovered on the airbag inside his car and he was arrested.

Judge Gullick was told that the incident happened as Broux was driving to his mother to tell her about the attack on her home.

On seeing those he thought were responsible, the judge was told a “red mist” had descended causing him to drive at the Corsa.

Broux, of Dunlin Road, was given a nine month jail sentence suspended for two years and placed on supervision for the next 12 months, during which time he must attend a Thinking Skill course.

In addition, he was banned from driving for four years and told he can’t get behind the wheel of a car again until he has taken an extended driving test.