Dacorum’s ‘unsung hero’ helped police stop sex attack

CCTV operator Israr Ali.
CCTV operator Israr Ali.

A CCTV operator has been commended for his quick thinking after helping police to put a stop to a terrifying sexual assault.

Israr Ali, who monitors the 85 CCTV cameras across Dacorum, noticed a man in a car behaving suspiciously.

The vehicle was posing as a taxi – but the driver had none of the relevant documents displayed to operate as one.

Israr monitored where the car went and later saw the driver pick up a lady.

He radioed police and tracked the vehicle – and officers were then able to race to the victim’s aid.

Israr’s CCTV footage provided key evidence that led to the arrest and conviction of the man behind the crime.

The camera operator has been commended by an Order of the Crown Court, presented by the High Sheriff of Herts.

The area’s CCTV cameras, which are owned and maintained by Dacorum Borough Council, are regularly used to help police catch criminals and bring them to justice.

Councillor Neil Harden, who oversees residents and regulatory services, said: “Our CCTV operators are often the unsung heroes helping to keep Dacorum safe.

“They are instrumental in helping to detect and prevent crime and are trained to spot the unusual and the small details that most of us would miss.”