Dave is one in 1,000 at the Olympic closing event

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Musician Dave Wright from Hemel Hempstead is one of 1,000 drummers who will perform in this Sunday’s Olympics closing ceremony.

The 59-year-old petrol station franchise owner who lives in Leverstock Green was picked to play in the opening and closing ceremonies after three auditions last year.

He is currently preparing for the events on Sunday with the group doing rehearsals in a car park somewhere in Dagenham.

He has already had amazing experiences playing in the opening ceremony for the Games and got a glimpse of The Queen and other Royal family members when he was positioned opposite the Royal Box.

He said: “In the opening I was one of the pandemonium drummers that come into the scene when the green and pleasant land was transformed into the Industrial Revolution.

“We came down the steps through the audience and onto the ‘field of play’ drumming, shouting and screaming!”