Debut novel leaves new author flying high

Member of the Airkix sales team and keen skydiver Tarn Hollis reading a copy of Talk To Me in the air tunnel at Milton Keynes
Member of the Airkix sales team and keen skydiver Tarn Hollis reading a copy of Talk To Me in the air tunnel at Milton Keynes

A budding author from Tring has realised her dream of getting her first book on the shelves after a publisher finally snapped up her manuscript.

Jules Wake, 49, first began writing the novel around eight years ago, but finally struck a deal with Choc Lit in January last year and Talk To Me will be hitting the shelves on June 6.

Tring author Jules Wake

Tring author Jules Wake

The romantic read is a perfect summer pool side companion which tells the tale of Olivia, who has been in love with her friend Daniel since the day they met, but despite her best efforts they’ve never quite got it together.

In a bid to move on from her heartache she embarks on a spot of speed dating, but things quickly turn sinister when she acquires a stalker.

Will Daniel step up to become hero of the day and save her, or will their friendship break down and result in tragedy?

Jules, of Miswell Lane, said: “I’d had lots of rejections, so when I went for a meeting with Choc Lit in London, I was gobsmacked when the publisher pushed a contract across the table.

Jules, who works in administration at St John’s Catholic Primary School in Rickmansworth, said: “A lot of people talk about inspiration, but I find you just have to park your bum in a seat each night and bash out however many words to reach your target.”

Jules, who is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, says husband Nick and children Ellie, 17, and Matt, 15, have are proud of her success.

Nick is a marketing consultant who works for indoor skydiving company Airkix in Milton Keynes, and has been dutifully plugging his wife’s work.

His colleague Tarn Hollis, member of the Airkix sales team, even managed to read some of the book while suspended in the wind tunnel.

Jules, who now has an agent and a second book doing the rounds at publishers in London, had some advice for those just starting out on their writing career.

She said: “Write one book, then put it away and write another one. So many people are tempted to revise and revise their one book, but you wouldn’t walk into the Olympic games after only doing one practice run. You need to perfect your craft.”

The mum-of-two will be signing copies of Talk To Me at an exclusive launch party in the Greene Room at the Kings Arms, Berkhamsted, on Sunday, June 8, from 2pm.