DENS foodbank launches first store collection point

DENS Dacorum Foodbank manager Sharon Boyall at Sainsbury's Woodhall Farm
DENS Dacorum Foodbank manager Sharon Boyall at Sainsbury's Woodhall Farm

A foodbank service operated by homelessness support charity DENS has launched its first permanent food collection point.

The charity has linked up with Sainsbury’s Woodhall Farm to help shoppers donate their extra non-perishable items to the less fortunate in the borough.

Store manager Mike Thomas said: “As a store we have been donating our waste fruit, vegetables and perishable items for several years to support DENS’ kitchen at the Night Shelter but we recognised that we could further support by locating a small food bank in store for our customers to donate everyday ambient items.

“We have had a fabulous uptake and look forward to continuing our work with DENS in supporting the needs of local people who are experiencing difficult times.”

Sharon Boyall, foodbank manager, said: “We spent a few hours at the store this month where we launched the collection point by giving out leaflets to the customers.

“The response was amazing with 80kg of food donated and we have made weekly collections from the store since then bringing the total to 120kg. This has helped us feed 17 people three meals for three days.

“A huge thank you to all our supporters who donate in this way.”

Last year, the DENS Dacorum Foodbank provided emergency food parcels to 3,574 people, but the charity says demand for the service has increased by as much as 42%.

Click here for more about the foodbank. You can also donate to the service during three collection days to be held in Hemel Hempstead, Berkhamsted and Tring Tesco stores on July 3, 4 and 5.