Development of 14 homes may overstretch infrastructure

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Councillors objected to a planning application for a large development on Mortimer Road in Tring.

Members of the planning committee thought demolishing house numbers 37 to 41 and replacing them with 14 character homes would result in over development of the area.

Neighbour David Diggins, who attended the meeting on Monday, October 22, told the committee that in the 30 years he had lived in the area a number of applications for minor works to people’s homes - such as building a porch - had been turned down because of the building line.

Three neighbours had already objected to the plans in writing.

There is already permission to build an old people’s carehome on the site but councillor Stephen Hearn said plans for a three-bedroom house, 10 four-bedroom houses and a five-bedroom house would also over stretch the local infrastructure.