Did you spot Scribble on Sunday?

A 13-year-old street-dancer who goes to The Astley Cooper School in Grovehill performed for judges on a TV talent contest beamed out across the country on Sunday.

And although Taylor Goodridge, who uses the stage name Scribble, did not manage to get through the audition stage of Sky1’s Got To Dance show, he is planning to enter the next series.

Taylor Goodridge aka Scribble.

Taylor Goodridge aka Scribble.

He said: “I love to dance. It is an amazing feeling, seeing people’s reaction to something you’re doing.

“My dance like my name Scribble is quite all over the place and messy and you do not know where to look at first.

“That’s where my style is unique.”

Mum Karen Bickmore said he is ‘naturally gifted’ and has been dancing since he was a toddler, entertaining family at weddings and parties.

She said: “When he went down the tunnel on Got to Dance I was welling up before he even started dancing.”

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