Dieting tips from mum who lost 20st

Sarah-Jane Jones
Sarah-Jane Jones

A woman who lost more than 20st is launching her own weight-loss programme to help others.

Sarah-Jane Jones, 35, of Spring Lane, Warners End, weighed between 33 and 35 stone in 2004, but now tips the scales at just 11st 6lb.

Sarah-Jane Jones

Sarah-Jane Jones

The mum-of-two said: “My course is about tuning into the person and finding out what makes them tick.

“With me a lot of it was about loss and not having a purpose and I suppose my comfort was food. Then you get into a cycle and have health problems.”

Sarah-Jane’s problems began when she split from her partner of 10 years.

She said that at her biggest she lived on pasties and bread and rarely left the house.

She turned herself around by going to the gym five days a week and balancing her diet. She said: “I have got my life back.”

She will teach a 12-week course from next Tuesday, with prizes of up to £300 for those who lose the most weight.

Her classes will be from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesdays at Gadebridge Community Centre and from 8am to 10am at JFK School in Warners End.

To sign up for £39, ring her on 07788 578029 or learn more at