Dog ditched on Christmas Eve by ‘desperate’ owner

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Dog rescuers travelled to Wales before Christmas to save eight pets and returned home to discover another furry friend had been abandoned at its doors.

The Chilterns Dog Rescue Society is full to the brim with pets that are being prepared for new homes.

Of the eight dogs rescued, which would have been destroyed otherwise, one had to be put down despite the best efforts of a vet.

On Christmas Eve the centre, in Chivery, near Tring, took in a black and white springer spaniel that had been tied to a fence close by for rescue centre workers to find.

Sara Muncke, from the centre, said: “Someone must have been in a very desperate situation to abandon her like this. The dog was in a very traumatised state and difficult to approach because she was so frightened. However, she has begun to settle down now she feels safe and secure and will remain with us for a month, after which we will be able to consider re-homing her.”

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