Dog shelter upgrade needed for recession-hit pets

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A dog rescue centre is hoping to update and improve its facilities so that it can cope with twice as many homeless dogs it is having to take in due to the recession.

Chairman of Chiltern Dog Rescue Society David Lewis told The Gazette that in comparison to three years ago the rescue centre was dealing with twice as many people every month making enquires about parting from their pets.

He said: “People are being forced to downsize their homes or go into rented accommodation and they can’t take their dogs. The increase we see is a response to the economic climate.”

The society wants to improve the facilities and kennels so it can re-home dogs quickly and help more animals.

It wants to replace two buildings on the site, in Chivery near Tring, with new ones that will comprise of a kennels building and a isolation unit. They also want to remove all the other outbuildings except for a house and garage.

Aylesbury Vale District Council planning chiefs will make a decision on Thursday, August 16.