Dogs now seen as disposable items says worried warden

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Dogs are being treated like ‘disposable’ items according to the borough’s dog warden.

Sarah Lewis, who picks up abandoned and lost dogs across Dacorum, said: “I think they have become a bit disposable, a bit like mobile phones – if something isn’t quite right they chuck it out and get rid of it.”

The warden deals with mainly bull breeds. Many are abandoned and some are found suffering from neglect.

“If they are not trained they become a big muscular dog that is quite hard to handle,” said Sarah.

The dogs are re-homed but any aggressive animals have to be put down.

The borough saw a significant rise in the number of abandoned dogs in 2011 and that figure is expected to remain high again this year.

Sarah fears that some could purchase dogs for Christmas without thinking through the responsibilities that go with having a pet.

She said: “Consider the family implications of having a dog and the training and time that goes into it.”