‘Don’t use quarry for cooling weekend dip’

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A POLICE officer has warned of the dangers of swimming in a quarry lake after 200 cars were reported at the Pitstone site as revellers took the plunge to cool off.

PC Rachel Vaughan, from Tring’s Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: “A lot of people are going there with crates of beer and barbecues and then swimming and there is no life ring there.

“There are no safety measures in place should anything happen.

“We have had this for the last couple of years and a few years back someone nearly drowned and they had to get the helicopter.”

During the hot weather two weeks ago there were reports to police of parked cars obstructing the roundabout next to the site, off Upper Icknield Way.

“We get a lot of problems with people parking on the grass verges around the roundabout causing obstruction because motorists approaching cannot see properly,” said PC Vaughan.

She said people have visited the quarry for swimming regularly over the past few years, but wants to warn visitors of the dangers and said the land-owner does not want them there.

The site is owned by Clark Contracting and there are signs at the site, which is fenced off, warning people not to trespass.

However, PC Vaughan said swimmers are surprised when they are approached by officers.

“They are quite surprised because they have been going there for years and people have come from all over the place,” she said.