Drink fit for Gods to be given away for free – and you could own part of the firm that’s making it

Sim Bowman at Berkhamsted's The Rising Sun, with barman.
Sim Bowman at Berkhamsted's The Rising Sun, with barman.

Two entrepreneurs think they have found a drink that is fit for the Gods – and it will be given away for free in a special event on Wednesday.

Thor was developed by Alistair Scahill in June last year after he noticed the lack of choice between soft drinks in pubs and bars.

Little is available other than lime and soda in most of them, he said.

He said: “It is clearly time for a hero new brand to arrive on the scene and to put soft drinks on a par with their alcoholic counterparts.”

Mr Scahill is now seeking crowdfunding of £85,000 to put into the growth of Thor in return for a 10 per cent equity stake in the business.

And if you wondered what it tastes like, buy the Gazette on Wednesday to get a voucher that will allow you to pick up a free bottle of it. All you have to do then is take the voucher to Berkhamsted’s The Rising Sun pub – one of 10 outlets now selling the drink – after 6pm that day.

Thor marketing executive Sim Bowman, 54, of Chiltern Way, Tring, said: “We have an office and warehouse in London, but also distribute from a premises in the town where I live.

“We are here and we are just trying to get more people interested in the drink and drinking it. We want to get more restaurants, cafes and pubs to stock it too.”

Berkhamsted and Hemel Hempstead Hockey Club is already stocking the drink, which comes in four different flavours.

Thor Original mixes apple with green tea and gentian extracts. Thor Fire contains ginger, apple and a crackle of chilli. Thor Ice has garden mint, peppermint and apple in it. Finally, Thor Thunder contains apple, passion fruit, hibiscus and caffeine.

The first run of the drink by Brothers in Somerset, which has bought an equity stake in Thor, produced 3,000 bottles.

Mr Bowman is now marketing the product to many of the firms that use his tourism website Let’s Stay Chilterns, which can be found by clicking here

You can learn more about the product and how to buy an equity stake in it by clicking here

To put your cash into the business, visit this crowdfunding website

You can view its You Tube channel here