Driver gets ticket in dedicated parking area – because the council hasn’t approved it yet

Parking confusion in Beggars Lane, Tring. There is no signage to say that motorists have to be parked entirely on the Grasscrete area.
Parking confusion in Beggars Lane, Tring. There is no signage to say that motorists have to be parked entirely on the Grasscrete area.
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Parking confusion reigns along busy Beggars Lane where commuters leave their cars before continuing their journey by train.

Restrictions along the Tring road, and the shortage of parking at the nearby station, have long been an issue of frustration for motorists.

Beggars Lane, Tring.

Beggars Lane, Tring.

But now a Grasscrete 
area – created to provide more parking spaces – has left some motorists who parked there with fines.

Among them is Andy Dodds, who returned to his car on Monday, September 7 to discover a penalty notice on his windscreen stating that he had parked on a restricted street.

He said: “At the top end of the lane, near the junction with Station Road, is a verge. This has recently had a section of Grasscrete laid, and there is a notice attached to a telegraph pole at the junction with Station Road, detailing how this verge can be used as a parking area to relieve congestion.

“I was a bit puzzled, so when I got home immediately completed the online form to challenge the ticket with Dacorum Council.

“I have received a letter from them stating that the ticket was issued because I had parked on a waiting restriction marked by a double yellow line, but that as a gesture of goodwill on this occasion they would cancel the ticket.”

The confusion has arisen because the traffic regulation required to legally create the new parking area is still to be approved.

A spokesman for Dacorum Borough Council said: “The proposal, if authorised, would introduce parking on the grasscreted area.

“Council members have asked the parking service not to enforce vehicles parked on the Grasscrete area, until the outcome of the proposed order is known.

“However, any vehicle not parked on private land or fully on the Grasscrete, but on the verge will be subject to a penalty charge notice.”

Mr Dodds admitted that his car was half on and half off the verge but said: “Surely this is an issue that will catch out many more commuters. I’m sure not everyone will take the time to challenge it or do any research, and just pay the fine anyway, when it’s an issue that Dacorum Council should be trying to resolve to avoid further confusion.”

Parking at Tring Station has become a bit of a squeeze after the number of passenger journeys leapt up by one third in seven years.

There are 520 parking spaces at the station.

In June, London Midland told the Gazette that it did not have a viable scheme to take pressure off the car park but would continue to look for options.