Dumped boat removed from Hemel Hempstead country lane after story on this website

Boat dumped in Holtsmere End Lane, Hemel Hempstead.
Boat dumped in Holtsmere End Lane, Hemel Hempstead.

A fly-tipped boat has been removed from a scenic country lane after a story on this website spurred Dacorum Borough Council’s clean-up team into action.

The council – which is responsible for disposing of all illegally dumped rubbish in the area – spends more than £10,000 a year on the task.

This website reported earlier today that a boat and two fridge freezers had been dumped in picturesque Holtsmere End Lane behind Woodhall Farm.

The road is within two miles of Hemel Hempstead Household Waste Recycling Centre in nearby Eastman Way.

Group manager for environmental services Craig Thorpe said enforcement officers will do everything possible to track down and prosecute fly-tippers.

He said: “At the very least, fly-tipping or illegally dumping waste is a blight on our landscape, as well as a totally unnecessary cost to taxpayers.

“At the worst it can cause long-lasting contamination, pollution and put human health at risk.”

He said most fly-tipped waste is cleared by the council within three days of being reported. This can take longer if there is a chance that evidence of who is responsible can be found or if special machinery is needed.

Mr Thorpe said the Holtsmere End Lane dumping had not been reported to the council - despite posts on Facebook - until its officers were contacted by this website.

The website is produced by the Hemel Hempstead Gazette and the Berkhamsted & Tring Gazette.

Mr Thorpe said: “Thanks to the Gazette for bringing the problem at Holtsmere End Lane to our attention.”

He said people can report fly-tipping to the council by clicking here or by phoning 01442 228000 and asking for fly-tipping.