An army of undead monsters take over!

MONSTERS have taken over a creepy farm most famous for the mysterious disappearance of some of its visitors.

Fright masters from Scare Nation have now stepped in to control the evil army at ‘Ghouls Pond Farm’.

But the ghosts, zombies, undead butlers, loopy jesters and chainsaw-wielding nutters that haunt building can still be quite unruly.

They bang on cages, shout at you, get in your face, leap out from the dark screaming and try and flog you body parts as you tour the farm in Kings Langley.

The freakish creatures had not been seen at the Chipperfield Road venue from the point where its customers began to vanish in the 19th Century.

Now the farm has been reopened to the public, who can explore its creepy grounds until Monday, October 31.

The farm had been known more commonly by its real name – Ballspond Farm – before then and was built for the Earl of Langley Crispin Luneberg in 1832.

But tragedy struck when his new-born son Tartaros caught a brain disease, and was confined to the family’s attic.

The family turned the farm into a haven for others who had been rejected by society, and later opened an abattoir and second-hand goods shop to make money.

But after Tartaros’ parents mysteriously vanished on October 31, 1869, the farm’s customers began disappearing too – just as the supply from its abattoir thrived.

But don’t get too scared – the new monsters are really West Herts College drama students.

Zack Redgwell, 16, who plays a blood-splattered creature of the night, proudly said: “The best reaction I got was when I managed to make someone cry.”

He was joined by Gazette reporter David O’Neill on Monday who dressed as a blood-drenched hillbilly to terrify farm-goers, pictured right.

Tickets cost between £12 and £20. Find out more from the website at