Gift haul helps the borough’s homeless

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PUPILS gathered to celebrate the huge pile of donations they have made to comfort homeless people over Christmas.

Tring School students ran their collections for Dacorum Emergency Night Shelter (DENS) for the second year running on Tuesday.

Head of the school’s Claydon House Fiona Champness said: “We are really proud of our students here, especially at this time of year, thinking about others and getting involved in the community.

“It is an exceptional team effort from staff and teachers alike. It is lovely for the students to be active citizens in the community.”

The school spent a fortnight collecting hundreds of items from toiletries and toothbrushes to tins of food and sleeping bags as part of an in-house competition won by Ascott.

Mrs Champness said the collection plays a ‘vital’ role in teaching students about homless people.

She said: “We look at education not just in academic subjects, but in life skills as well.

“They spent a bit of time in their form groups thinking what it would be like to be homeless and DENS gave them a great long list of items.”

Hemel Hempstead-based DENS provides shelter for homeless people in the borough.

It is believed that the school’s donation has provided a week’s worth of items to the cause.