Hemel Hempstead youngsters get to grips with adventure after head teacher’s ‘abducted by aliens’ ordeal

Youngsters at a Hemel Hempstead primary school got to grips with the aftermath of a mysterious alien abduction when they turned up for lessons this week.

And while having your head teacher snatched by visitors from another world might be a fantasy for many students, the children at Micklem Primary quickly went to work to get her back.

Antonia Anderson of Radio Dacorum interviews Alfie Warwick in the wake of the 'abduction'

Antonia Anderson of Radio Dacorum interviews Alfie Warwick in the wake of the 'abduction'

As they arrived at the Boxted Road school they found evidence of an alien ship’s crash landing in the school grounds, and the news that head Liz Ormonde had been posted as ‘missing, presumed abducted’

Emergency services represented by PCSO Daniel McManus secured the crash site as a message was received from Miss Ormonde, pleading with her students to help save her from the alien’s evil clutches.

And that was just the start of the school’s creative writing week, complete with vats of green slime, crazy costumes and crop circles.

Ms Ormonde said: “We wanted to give the children something really exciting to write about and to really stimulate their imaginations.”

To secure the release of their head, each class had a task to complete or items to retrieve where their literary and creative skills were put to the test.

“I had a few concerns about whether they would really fight for my return,” the head added. “But I have actually been really impressed by their efforts, they really did want me back and now keep asking if the aliens treated me well. I think it had quite an impact on them!”

Liz thanked Year 2 teacher and literacy subject leader Amy Crump for the original idea, along with other staff and parents who helped make the day and out of this world experience.

Report by Georgia Naden, pictures by Kris Gruber